Resume & LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Optimisation


How To Market Yourself For A Job

Personal branding is marketing about you. Companies currently are receiving a lot of application letters and CV’s from candidates and freelancers. Your resume but also your presentation on LinkedIn and other online social media profiles are viewed as part of screening. Are your resume and LinkedIn Profile representing you as the most qualified candidate? 

At times when young professionals, team leaders, senior managers, entrepreneurs and directors reach out to me for finding a job or start as freelancer, I have noticed that they all make the same mistakes in their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Your presentation on LinkedIn and other online media channels are viewed as part of that screening. It’s time to take control of your online presentation. You deserve a stunning presentation supporting you in your career.

How It Works

Marieke has combined her HR expertise and branding experiences in this plan. As business owner she is fully aware how your resume gets you noticed. Your new resume and LinkedIn Profile will be full of important keywords, attractive layout and the effective set up to make sure your resume will stand out from the crowd!

We optimise your resume and LinkedIn Profile to clearly identify you as professional and expert in your industry. Your profile will boost your search ranking in LinkedIn. Your resume will have a catchy layout to showcase your achievements to your target audience (HR professionals, recruiters and business owners). 


This is included in the plan:

  • Interview: Your plan starts with an interview. We schedule a meeting via Skype to make sure we have all the necessary information to draft your resume and build your professional profile on LinkedIn. We will talk about what you have accomplished and your next step.
  • LinkedIn Profile Branding: We clean up and modify your LinkedIn Profile, including changing profile settings, rewriting of summary, experiences, following companies / groups, adding keywords and endorsements. Within 7 business days you will notice the change on your profile. You can provide your feedback up to 2 rounds of edits. 
  • Professional & Attractive Resume: After finalising your LinkedIn Profile we will start with your resume. Within 7 business days you will receive the first draft of your resume. You can provide your feedback up to 2 rounds of edits.
  • Cover Letter: You also receive a cover letter to use during your job search or finding a freelance project.
  • Online Support: During this process you will receive links to articles, tools and books to help you showcase who you are and what you have achieved in your career. We will be available to you for any additional questions or support.
Please note: While we don't guarantee that you will get the job with your resume and LinkedIn profile, we optimise your resume and LinkedIn Profile to boost your search ranking on LinkedIn and we provide detailed advice tailored to your needs.

Your Investment

The pricing for the Resume & LinkedIn Profile Branding Plan is EUR 250

Ready to Buy?

  • Choose Your Plan: Pick your service and you will start with the optimisation of your resume and LinkedIn Profile.
  • Process the payment (via PayPal or credit card): After your purchase and after we have received the payment we'll send you an email with detailed instructions.
  • Book your project: We will get in contact with you to set up the interview, setting expectations and timelines. We are committed to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Get your career to the next level. Order your Resume & LinkedIn Profile Branding Plan now! 

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