About the Store

The Marieke Stoop | Store sells products for people who want to build a life they love. With a large community of people, we can support and contribute using powerful tools. Whether you use the products for your own instance or for your business, integrate the tools in your life or work, in all cases we want you to have a career and life you love in a way that works for you. 

About Marieke Stoop 

Marieke Stoop is a native of the Netherlands, born in a small village close distance to Amsterdam. For over 10 years she has undergone training on human resource management, communication, leadership, astrology, self- expression, and mindfulness. In 2010, her road trip in the United States fuelled her with inspiration for writing in English instead of in Dutch. Ever since that year, she is travelling frequently for business and private purposes across the globe and publishing her content only in English.

She is the founder of the global HR consultancy company Human In Progress, supporting clients in their performance to build organisations that attract, motivate and retain employees. In addition she is running Marieke Stoop International, providing products via her online store for personal growth and success.

Her life motto is: Let’s spread love, light and happiness!



All products and services are designed to create excellent structure that empowers you to be successful in your work. Marieke Stoop International B.V. is the seller of all products and services and is responsible for all aspects of your purchase.

Website: mariekestoop.com
Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam 70182140 



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