eBook - How To Market Yourself Online
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eBook - How To Market Yourself Online

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Essential must-read ebook for job seekers, freelancers and business owners! In How To Market Yourself Online: The New Rules for Marketing YOU on Social Media, author Marieke Stoop tells you the insides about the use of social media for your career. Why you need to control your presentation on social media profiles and how to avoid that social media is not eventually running your life.

You will get incredible insights into these tactics and gain the tools to control your social profiles (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter etc). Marieke provides you practical examples and actions what you can do to sell your expertise online and how to change your profiles to attract your audience.

From the viewpoint of a business owner and a HR Strategist, Marieke will show you which areas of your profile are screened by recruiters, HR professionals and potential clients. By the time you finish this book, you will have social media marketing, management tools and strategies to get into action. Marieke is preparing you to learn the personal branding lessons when swimming in the world of social media.

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ISBN:  978-90-824493-0-3

Format: ebook

Language: English

Publisher: Human In Progress

Publication Date: October 19, 2015

For more info, please visit: howtomarketyourselfonline.com

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About The Author 

Marieke Stoop is a multi-talented entrepreneur, consultant and author in the fields of self-development, HR and leadership. She is founder of the HR consultancy firm Human In Progress as well as Marieke Stoop International. Marieke has been into Human Resources for 12+ years, and is providing to entrepreneurs of international organisations HR winning strategies for growing their business. When she is not traveling or working she is enjoying nature, food, visits from family, friends and her collection of Modern Art.

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