Social Media Profile Optimisation

Social Media Profile Optimisation


How To Market Yourself On Social Media 

Your presentation and performance on social media is key in today’s hiring and decision making process for getting the job or project. Your presentation on LinkedIn and other online social media profiles are also viewed as part of screening to get an perception about your credibility. Are your profiles representing you? An optimisation of your Social Media Profiles could give your visitors a better experience and could improve your rankings in the search results.

Maximize Your Digital Presence!

Marieke has combined her HR expertise and branding experiences in this plan. As business owner she is fully aware how your social media profiles get you noticed and how you will stand out from the crowd. 

How It Works

We review your Social Media Profiles (up to 3 profiles) and will provide you feedback, tips and tools how you can start to update the profiles yourself to stand out from the crowd. Your profile will have to show your professional achievements and need to attract your target audience. 

This is included in the plan:

  • Useful tips & resources: You will get basic tips & resources on how to use your social media profiles to market yourself + how to grow your number of followers.

Your Investment 

The pricing for the Social Media Review Plan is EUR 200

Ready to Buy?

  • Choose Your Plan: Pick your service and you will start with the optimisation of your Social Media Profiles.
  • Process the payment (via PayPal or credit card): After your purchase and after we have received the payment we'll send you an email with detailed instructions.
  • Book your project: We will get in contact with you to set expectations and timelines. We are committed to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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